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There’s a reason, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got,” is a cliche. Eventually, most businesses get stuck in their legacy processes and become frustrated, but not badly enough to do anything about it; until something breaks. Small business owners may not realize how much time, energy, attention, and money they waste by doing what they’ve always done because when you’re building, growing, or maintaining your business, the task of improving your organizational procedures gets pushed further and further down on the priority list. Instead of being proactive by improving your processes and integrating your software systems, you’re forced to be reactive when your system crashes. This could mean starting from scratch with a brand-new expensive system that requires extensive training for you and your staff to learn.  When I talk to potential clients, I’m often reminded of the conversation I had with my daughter recently about her car. She moved to Chicago and put off getting her oil changed because she didn’t have a mechanic there. I advised her to try out a mechanic with an oil change because when (not if) you need a mechanic to fix a problem with your car, is not the time to be looking for a mechanic you can trust. You want to look for a mechanic when you least need one, that way when (not if) something on your car breaks, you already have someone you can take it to whom you trust. It’s the same way with Integration Edge. I want to know your business before you need me, so that we can prevent emergencies from happening. But, when (not if) you have an emergency, you’ll know you can call on us for help. Right now, let’s talk about your priority list. Contact me here.

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