its later bert

With COVID-19, SMBs and non-profits are just trying to keep the lights on and their staffs employed. Most of us haven’t thought much about process improvement in over a year; except the occasional, “Yeah, it would be nice to stop spending four hours pulling inventory tracking out of Excel and creating purchase orders, but I just can’t deal with changing up the process right now. I’ll think about it later.” Well, as Sandra Bullock (as Leigh Anne Tuohy) said in The Blind Side, “It’s later, Bert.” More people are vaccinated every day. My social media feeds are filling up with posts from friends who are going back to their offices. If you keep putting it off, as things further open up, you’ll just keep getting further behind. You want your best employees freed from repetitive tasks so they will be ready to help your customers. For example, if we automate your invoicing, you’ll save time (and money!) tracking down late payments. Plus, you can easily be alerted to a customer who is always late paying. You can quickly pull reports of who pays what, when, how much, if their contract is coming due, and make decisions based on this information. You’ll have more control and security in your repetitive processes. With the world so out of control, wouldn’t it be nice to have your business under control? Let's chat. Contact me here

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