We work with clients who don’t realize their current processes are holding them hostage. It happened so slowly over time, it escaped their attention. They don’t think it’s worth it to stop and figure out how to improve their processes when they can just keep doing what they’ve always done.

The problem with that is, their current workflow is costing them time and money, as well as robbing them of a future. Here’s an example: Before my team automated Middletown Christian School’s (MCS) requisition process, a teacher had to print an Excel spreadsheet, fill it out, send it through interoffice mail, get both the Superintendent’s and Finance Director’s signatures, and wait for the request form to come back through interoffice mail before she could purchase supplies; and that’s only if the request was approved. If it was not approved, the whole process started all over. It could take a teacher two weeks to get 21 pencils. When we met with MCS, they were happy with all their processes. When I asked if there were any routines the staff struggled with, they mentioned the requisition process.

When we white boarded the workflow, it became really obvious really fast that it was way more complicated than they realized:

MCS workflow

They’d done it that way for so long they didn’t know how burdensome it had become. The best news was they already used software that would facilitate an automated requisition process. All my developer had to do was add some PowerApps to their existing SharePoint and they were off and running.

So while it took the administration’s attention to brief us on the complicated workflow and test the deliverable, it was totally worth it because now they have a process that gives their teachers supplies in hours rather than weeks, and the teachers can give their attention back to the students.

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