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While networking last week, I sipped my coffee and empathetically listened to a colleague recount all the different applications she and her team had to use to track their clients: one for intake, one for contact information, one for scheduling, one for billing, one for follow up. “That’s an awful lot of windows to have open,” I said. “I’m confused just hearing about them.” That isn’t all of them,” she replied. “It drives my team crazy having to remember which applications need updated with what information. Then, when something is off, it drives me crazy tracking down which app they forgot to update.” I said, “You know we can fix that, right?” I must say this a lot because my networking friends are starting to say it with me; usually with either a chuckle or an eye roll, or both. Until a SMB owner (or non-profit administrator) describes their business process to me out loud, they often don’t realize how many different software systems they have to use to track their customers, inventory, employees, etc. Even if they are aware, they don’t think about the waste caused by using so many unlinked apps. It doesn’t have to be this way. Integration Edge can build data bridges between many software applications so they can be accessed through the launch of one portal. How much time, energy, attention, and money would you save by being able to access all your data from one screen? We help you identify, prioritize, and solve your business challenges through innovative technology solutions including system integration, data cleaning, and process optimization. Contact me. Let’s talk about making your life easier.

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