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Sometimes we are the best solution to relieve a small business’s process pain. Sometimes we get into discovery meetings and the next steps become obvious and doable and exciting. We experienced just those circumstances recently while consulting with a Miami Valley emergency services company. Their process for estimation and submission to insurance companies was painful. The more we talked to the staff, asked questions about their stumbling blocks, and dug deeper into their workflow, the clearer we saw a path to relief. We left excited and hopeful at the prospect of doing a project together. We did some research and our hopes were dashed. We found an existing service that already did exactly what they needed. To add insult to injury, the service we found has deeper experience and expertise in this particular industry than we do. Could we reinvent this wheel? Yes. Was that in our potential client’s best interest? No. What should we do? We’d spent a significant amount of time and effort on the project already. And now we’ll get no reward? At the end of the day, our main concern is connecting our new friends to appropriate resources in an effective and expedient manner. We’re curious and we love to learn, but we’d rather make a difference than a dollar. We want the best solution for our potential clients (also known as new friends). Sometimes we are what is best for them. Other times, we’ll do the research, vet the options, arrange a demo (and even sit through it) for our new friends; and still give their business away. Because Integration Edge was created to help our neighbors by relieving the pain their data is causing; not to create more.

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