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You pivoted during the pandemic and now you’re reaping the rewards. So, why are you stressed out? Because things are changing and change is difficult. There’s a reason they’re called growing pains. Even when change is good, like growth, it’s still hard. Maybe you’re expanding and you’re nervous because not all your employees will be under one roof where you can see them anymore. Maybe you’re concerned about pulling in enough revenue to indefinitely support the new employees you hired. Maybe you have the contracts but can’t find workforce to fulfill them. Maybe you’re concerned your technology is too antiquated to handle all the new data running through your software. DO. NOT. PANIC. You have some things to figure out, but you can do it. If you couldn’t, you wouldn’t be experiencing this rapid growth, now would you? Change is best done step by incremental step. You’ll feel better when you have a roadmap with a course plotted (and maybe multiple courses plotted in case of roadblocks). Here are three things you can do to steer your business through this change.

Take Stock – What is working? What is your staff struggling with? Is it process related? Tech related? Do you have any idea what will you need? Once you get a sense of the size, impact, and cost of your projects, you can begin tackling them.

Be Flexible – Routines make you feel safe and confident, but eventually they need updated. Rapid growth reveals the bottlenecks in your workflows and forces revisions. If your two-person sales team was keeping track of customers by sharing a spreadsheet, but thanks to your rapid growth, now you have a five-person sales team, then the shared spreadsheet no longer works. It’s time to upgrade to a CRM.

Have a Growth Mindset – Just because your company is growing doesn’t mean your mind is. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got. Technology is here to serve you; to help you adjust to the rapid growth you’re currently experiencing, maintain your momentum, and be flexible enough to scale when you grow again. You know change is the only constant. Adjust your processes to make the most of your rapidly growing company’s resources.

Contact me and let’s explore how improving your processes now will save you time, energy, attention, and money as you continue to grow your business.

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