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Oh, how I love processes! Yes. I’m THAT much of a nerd. Having clear cut steps to follow to reach a goal is so reassuring. Mapping out activities that move us toward success is so satisfying. When you think about it, everything you do can be made into a process: making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, changing the oil in the car, even walking the dog can be a process. But the place you probably notice processes the most are in your business. You probably have processes for strategic planning, customer engagement, product development, etc. Are the elements of these processes getting so repetitive that you haven’t noticed how much business they’re costing you? Take one aspect of your sales process for example. How much time do you spend digging through your inbox reading emails sent to you through your website, then forwarding those messages to the appropriate person and department? What if you could set up a process to have those website inquiry emails sent directly from your website to the appropriate person based on keywords? How much time would that save you? How many more relationships could your company develop (or keep!) because the customer received a call back within 24 hours of emailing? How much more time could you spend in the field if you weren’t sitting behind your desk sifting through email? Automating the process of email distribution from your website could be a game changer and you can track the data to see how much of a difference it makes per day, week, month, quarter, year…you get the picture. If you’d like to talk more about automating your business’s processes, I’d love to listen. Contact me here. And if you figure out how to automate the process of walking the dog, please let me know!

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