Photo by Dom J from Pexels pexels-dom-j-45059Wouldn’t it be nice if you could predict the future for your business?

Data analytics is a bit like having a crystal ball. It allows you to pull patterns from your data. It allows you to ask questions your data can answer. It can immediately reveal issues you didn’t know you had. We take your data and inspect, clean, transform, and model it so you have insight to make wise choices for your projects.

Cleaning does not mean changing the values. We reshape it. For example, if you have spreadsheets with both an employee’s first and last name in one cell, but need them separated for reporting, breaking the names apart into two different cells is considered cleaning it. Where you can only see lines of data in a database or spreadsheet, we turn those records into a graph or chart you can use to see trends (e.g., busiest sales months).

We find ways to improve your processes through data, identify patterns (good or bad), and cleanse it to prepare it for reporting and forecasting. We give you better tools for decision making. We work with data of all formats because the shape and size of data varies from company to company. What is considered data varies from person to person and organization to organization. Your company’s data is unique not only to you, but also to each of your company’s individual projects.

You have a gold mine of information to grow your business within your reach. We can help you excavate it.